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Comic Review : Prospects Issues 1-3
Prospects is a tale of dichotomies. A loser with a rich family history, an over-performer with a family desperate to change theirs in a town overshadowed by rivalry of two brilliant scientists, their factions and a masked vigilante. With some great world building and smart exposition, the introductory arc of Prospects is funny, smart, mysterious, deftly drawn & lettered.
Comic book review - Art of War
Ironically titled Art of War, is an exciting fast paced American Manga. It blends a lot of concepts of sci-fi, fantasy, manga and even American storytelling.  The core concept is really interesting, and has great potential for both the story and action. I am hooked and I am sure you will have a lot of fun reading this action filled ride!
Comic book review - Raze Issues 1-5
Indie creators Samuel Willis and Tremayne Primm visit an age-old genre of a Zombie apocalypse in this gory tale of survival involving a band of misfits and some unique settings.
Comic book review - Tights
Created and written by Chris Waigand, Tights, a comic book series set in a post-pandemic world, is a snappy thrill ride that takes your breath away from the first panel and leaves you wanting more. 
Creator Spotlight - Fell Hound
This month we feature a recently Ringo-nominated creator of Afterlife and Commander Rao, Fell Hound.
Creator Spotlight - Mark Bernal
This month we feature the creator of Lesser known Universe and Bruja Series, Mark Bernal. He plans to release 15 new books in 2023 and we're excited!
Freshly Pressed: Interview with John Holland
In the Episode 3 of Freshly Pressed brought to you by Comix, we sit with John Holland the founder of Diebold Comics.
Freshly Pressed: Interview with Jeffrey Paul Louis Schiller
In this episode of Creator Interviews brought to you by Comix, we sat down with Jeff Schiller to talk about his upcoming campaign Magic Powder Issue#3 and all things pop culture!